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Technology depends upon the needs of an individual or an organisation. We are living in an ever changing economy which requires practitioners to maintain multiple skills. Rapid technological shifts frequently change the ways we work, the tools we use, and the operational procedures we require.

We provide assistance to small and medium businesses in the analysis, design and deployment of ICT Solutions with a flair for travel technology.

About Us


I started business at the age of 15 building personal computers for home users.  Whilst operating from a small corner shop in Floriana, Malta, I continued my studies focusing in business, finance and accounting subjects.  In 2005 I finished my ACCA examinations and graduated a year later.  In the interim I obtained a number of industry specific certifications, such as Comptia iNET+ and Comptia Security+.

Whilst working on a consultancy job for one of my earlier travel clients in 2001, I took the decision to focus on travel technology.  The travel industry treated me well, exposing me to a number of projects in Malta and beyond, broadening my knowledge and experience.

Since then, I never looked back.

Our Projects

Tour Dynamics [2010 – today]

Tour Dynamics [2010 – today]

A product of Booking & Co, Tour Dynamics uses the power of dynamic packaging to simplify the complex processes behind tour operating.  By providing one system, it makes it possible for a tour operator to combine contracted inventories together with real time on-the-fly inventories for flights, accommodation, airport transfers and other inbound services. Generate dynamic “packaged travel” and distribute its product on the tour operators’ own direct website or via API to 3rd party affiliate/agent partners.

URL:  www.tourdynamics.com

addaJet [2008 – today]

addaJet [2008 – today]

Co-founded by Clifton in 2008, and launched in 2010, addaJet is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for the hospitality industry. addaJet was the first flight booking engine for hoteliers on this side of the planet. It gave hoteliers the possibility to have, on their own website, the technology operating similar to those of larger websites (on-line travel agents). addaJet has today evolved into Busy Rooms

URL:  www.addajet.com

URL: www.busy-rooms.com

Eden Lifestyle [2008 – today]

Eden Lifestyle [2008 – today]

Eden lifestyle, offers tour operators the possibility to present to their customer base a hotel “club” with a number hotel in their programmes. All the member hotels would offer a well-positioned product to the tour operators consumers, ranging from low calorie corners for breakfast to Swedish TV stations in hotels in Dubai.

We provided analysis, design and project management of the various applications.

URL:  www.edenlifestyle.eu

IHAC [2007 – today]

IHAC [2007 – today]

IHAC, the hotel audit company, provides detailed and objective listings with more than 1400 facts.  The idea behind the product is to provide unbiased information about properties not only to hotel guests, but also to the tour operators.

We provided analysis, design and project management. The result was in effect an application installed on 7” widows based tablets, whereby reviewers can carry out the hotel review on site, and when finished upload it to a central server to quality assurance process and eventual approval for publish.  The final results for hotel audits are also visible on www.besthotelinfo.com

Dine Around [2006 – today]

Dine Around [2006 – today]

The half board alternative.  Guest being accustomed to book half board packages for their holiday, have the option to visit other member hotels and restaurants and enjoy a different restaurant every day of their holiday.

For the first 2 years, the system operated via a paper based voucher system.  In April, 2006, we helped the company launch a bespoke electronic point of sale system, where by each guest was given a swipe card as opposed to paper vouchers.  This enabled to company to expand both in number of merchants and in number of destinations.    The application consisted of bank epos, cards and a number of web applications for management and reporting.

In 2012 we launched the 2nd version of dinearound, replacing the bank epos machines with IOS powered mobile devices for the merchants and swipe cards the hotel guests with simply a QR code (barcode).

URL:  www.dinearound.eu

Meeting Point International (MPI) [2005 – 2011]

Meeting Point International (MPI) [2005 – 2011]

MPI, the destination management company going through rapid expansion during the years 2005 – 2009 required a holistic approach to its network and footprint. We have since 2001 been consulting and servicing the local based Meeting Point. We have successfully managed to design a low-cost network for the group with presence in 10 destinations, ranging from Azores to Oman.

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